$ du -sh /data/local/wdong/data         # the directory contains a bunch of 30MB files.
15G /data/local/wdong/data

$ time cp -R /data/local/wdong/data .   # copy data via fuse

real    3m9.192s
user    0m0.148s
sys 0m19.581s

$ time hadoop fs -put /data/local/wdong/data test/data1

real    2m56.955s
user    0m16.225s
sys 0m30.286s

So whether via fuse or hadoop commandline, the write throughput of mapr is about 80MB/s, with the hadoop commandline being slightly faster. The overhead of java is actually negative compared to that of fuse. I expect the performance of MapR's native NFS server should beat both.

I'm using a $20 TRENDnet 8-port Gigabit Switch and there is a cluster of 7 MapR servers behind it.

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